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Thursday, April 19, 2012

R asked: Will my business be successful?

With regards to your business concerns, we've drawn the rune Sowilo, the rune of the Sun. The Anglo-Saxon poem attributed to this rune reads "The Sun is ever the hope of seamen, when they fare over the fishes' bath, until the sea-steed brings them to land." This rune is one of guidance and counsel, with the promise of fortune. The outlook is great for your business, as long as you keep the sun in sight. Be open to good advice from reliable sources. Depend on them to help you steer your ship.

A asked: Is my creative semi-mystical endeavour with dreams and creativity foolish? Will it ever get somewhere? Should I stop and look elsewhere, or stop looking altogether?

The rune I've drawn for you, dear A, is Teiwaz, the rune of truth and victory. "Tiw is a guiding star; well does it keep faith with princes; it is ever on its course over the mists of night and never fails." It is holy to the god Tyr, the one-handed swordsman, lord of glory, justice, sacrifice, and single combat. He is the one who bound Fenrir the Arch-Wolf until the End of the World, but he lost his right hand in the struggle. So struggle on in your endeavor, even if you lose a limb or two, it will be worth it.

K asked: Next week or the week after?

The rune we've drawn for you is Ingwaz, the rune of the God Freyr. The Anglo-Saxon poem attribute to it reads, "Ing was first seen by men among the East-Danes, till, followed by his chariot, he departed eastwards over the waves. So the Heardingas named the hero." It represents protection in battle and at home, and male virility. If you have to choose between next week and the week after, I would suggest AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

T asked: Given the recent sharp upswing in violent solar activity, coupled with the overall shifting of the prevailing eastern climate winds, should I wear the blue shirt or the grey shirt tomorrow night?

Your fashion rune is Kenaz, the Torch! The Anglo-Saxon poem attributed to this snazzy arcanum reads, "A torch alight is known to all alive by its pale flame. It burns most oft where Aethlings rest themselves within." Admittedly this bit of aesthetic input is on the ambiguous side, so we'll consult further. The Old Norse rhyme for this rune reads "An ulcer is fatal to children, death makes a corpse pale." I'd say go with the grey shirt.